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The gift of a diamond engagement ring has long-served as a symbol of dedication and love.  Mr. Rodrigo Otazu always believed that such sentiments should be captured and commemorated with something as precious and beautiful as a diamond, and worked with his designers and craftsmen to fashion the most exceptional engagement rings.  While Mr. Otazu’s discerning standards have resulted in the creation of some of history’s most celebrated jewels, the history of the engagement ring itself dates back to ancient times.

Like so many great traditions, the gifting of an engagement ring originated in Ancient Egypt, where its circular shape was said to symbolize an eternal cycle.  It was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, where it was believed there was a vein that led straight to the heart, beginning a custom that continues today across many cultures.  Several centuries later, in 1477, the tradition of diamond engagement rings began, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a delicate band adorned with diamonds in the shape of her first initial – winning her hand and heart over another suitor.

While the tradition of expressing one’s commitment has varied throughout the ages and across cultures, by the 1930s, the diamond engagement ring became a popular symbol to mark the promise of eternal love




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Towering over the river below, Casta Diva and Maria Callas has remained a symbol of power and light even after her death. The Opera house was another ingredient that play in the imagination of the designer Rodrigo Otazu

Constructed in two stages, the imposing structure reflects its original build date with towers of Art Deco architecture emphasizing the strength and energy of the building’s purpose.

A majestic concentration of Art Deco opulence both inside and out, the interior of the grand façade was constructed with luxurious materials throughout; polished parquet floors and marbles continue to bring a sense of wonder to the entire building.

A magisterial orchestration of engineers, architects and designers were required to complete the construction of her music and place in a magic stage presentation; a combination of talent that achieved an unexpected marriage of mechanical engineering and rich artistry.



Opera echoes the Art Deco theatre of the Romance that Casta Diva music represent magic in the soul and the setting of the Opera house through angular cuts. The position of emerald–cut diamonds placed both vertically and horizontally contribute further to the geometrical architecture of the design.

A single orderly drop of diamonds on the Battersea Light necklace reflect the dramatic chimney held aloft in the structure’s silhouette.

As the power station required a combined exceptional skillset for its build, so too does the Battersea Light set combine the extraordinary talent of diamond craftsmen and designers to achieve the exquisitely precise lines of the designs that romance in the only one who mix them in one thought. LOVE


Designer Rodrigo Otazu brings art to your life

Rodrigo Otazu artThis beautiful necklace in red gold with (fancy) Asscher cut diamond is available for EUR 8.299,00. It includes the chain which is adjustable at different lengths (40, 42.5, 45 cm). Please be so kind and send us an email to  for further information. Thank you very much. Best regards, Rodrigo New York Team  this is our LOVE ME THE WAY I AM collection made of fancy diamonds. It’s made of 9 stones to create the look of 1 single stone in Asscher cut. We do from 1 ct. to 5 ct. “look”. We do it in Emerald cut as well.




The Atelier from Dutch Argentinian designer  Rodrigo Otazu  is unique, a space bathed in soft natural light. where is produce  exclusive designs for his brand Rodrigo New York  Jewelers, setters, polishers and virtuoso artisans apply their talent and experience to create exceptional pieces. He call them “the dream team he always want it messika-paris-high-jewelry-atelier_1 ….  In this reserved era of the made-to-measure, jewelry is brought to life for the first time. A secret fascinating world where technique gradually fades into the background to provide space for beauty. More info #rodrigootazu #rodrigonewyorkbrand #diaomnds



Sweet Colors of Latin love

Rodrigo New York is a colourful, Argentinian #RodrigoOtazu #designer. He gains inspiration from his Latin roots. His jewellery stands for Italian quality. He always uses 18 carat gold.

The brand combines old traditions with contemporary design and distinguishes itself with unique #jewellery that is characterised by imperfect forms and craft work.

Sparkling #diamond jewellery or just an overwhelming amount of colour: collections as Murano, Africa, Goa, Jaipur, Paradise,

Confetti and Marrakech bring exotic places around the world to life in fantastical and creative jewellery. #rodrigootazu #rodrigonewyorkbrand more info