Kate Moss, Stella Tennant and Rodrigo Otazu in 1994 #TBT

For lovers of creative culture, it is our perpetual curse to believe that the age which preceded us was oh so much more. That there were more wild parties; more clandestine affairs; more good ideas; more means by which to execute the good ideas. For the most part, we accept that the zeitgeist is always just out of arm’s reach and we continue to pursue it anyway. Some golden eras, however, will never dull – and that which cloaked London in the early 1990s, during which time then-hairstylist, soon-to-be photographer Drew Jarrett is friend of Rodrigo Otazu and was  living in west London with Glen Luchford and Mario Sorrenti, working with Corinne Day and Melanie Ward, shooting Kate Moss with Jewlery from designer Rodrigo Otazu  on the beach, or living in New York’s Gramercy Park hotel for weeks on end… That is one of them.369884

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